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  • Insulated containers
    Insulated containers

    Hygienic and durable

    The three-layer containers with foamed polyethylene inner insulation are incredibly strong, and thanks to the monolithic and smooth design, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain hygiene.
  • Insulated containers
    Insulated containers

    Your container in your favourite colour

    Mark the packaging with your company's colour. Particularly important in the process of packaging management according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point ). All containers are made from the highest quality materials approved for direct contact with food.
  • Plastic pallets
    Plastic pallets

    Light, hygienic and durable

    European plastic pallets for everyday use - easy and safe transport of goods from point A to point B. Available in all popular sizes and variants. Their special advantages are hygiene and long service life.
  • Plastic pallet boxes
    Plastic pallet boxes

    For large loads and capacity

    Plastic pallet boxes are intended for meat and fish processing as well as for fruit and vegetable processing. They are also perfect for the transport and storage of non-food products. Available with a cover.
  • Euro containers
    Euro containers


    The sizes of standard containers correspond to the dimensions of Euro pallets, they make it possible to cut down costs of transport and to use less storage space. The perforated design allows air circulation and safe storage of food.
  • Euro containers
    Euro containers

    Organised storage room

    Thanks to the reinforcement provided at the design stage, Euro storage containers can carry heavy loads. They are suitable for both food products and warehouse logistics. Available in many different sizes.
  • Foldable pallet boxes plain
    Foldable pallet boxes plain

    Space-saving solution

    Thanks to the foldable sidewalls, it is possible to reduce the costs of storage and transport - reduced size of the boxes when folded. This is especially important in the case when every square meter of storage space is at a premium.
  • PE insulated cart
    PE insulated cart

    Convenient transport between workstations

    This is the new generation of traditional stainless steel stuffing trolleys. Thanks to the plastic design, it is possible to have them in a different colour, and thanks to the internal insulation, they are extremely resistant and thermally insulating. They also make less noise than metal trolleys.

Manufacturer of pallets, containers and plastic boxes


Plastic containers and boxes

A wide variety of plastic containers and boxes. They are suitable for storing food products and other non-prepacked goods. They are suitable for stacking on racks and for transport.

Plastic pallet containers

The offered pallet boxes Big-Box are made from polyethylene class 1A, approved for contact with food. They are perfect for the transport and storage of food products.

Plastic pallets

Modern plastic pallets are a good alternative to wooden pallets. They are lighter and can be recycled, so they are environmentally friendly. Resistant to acids, lye, solvents. Easy to clean.

Insulated containers

Hygienic insulated containers are used when thermal insulation is necessary, e.g. in places with limited access to refrigeration equipment or when there are extremely high or very low temperatures.

Fish boxes and crates

Indispensable in the food industry and fishing, the fish containers are perfect for transport and trade. The offer includes containers for selling live fish and boxes for the transport of fish fillets, frozen fish, etc.

Spill pallets

Strong and stable spill trays and spill containment flooring to place barrels. They protect against uncontrolled spillage of contents of containers directly onto the ground.

Thermal insulated containers

Highly functional insulated trolleys and covers perfect for catering companies and gastronomy. Great to store and transport food at low or high temperatures.

IBC containers

Strong IBCs for safe road, rail or sea logistics, for the transport of any liquid substances, including acids, varnishes or foodstuffs. The offer includes plastic pallets.
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FACH-PAK is one of the leaders in the market of development and manufacture of double-walled, reinforced, hygienic, PE insulated containers for use in the production, storage and transport of fish, meat, animal by-products and other types of food. Thanks to the cooperation with our clients from various sectors of the economy, FACH-PAK was able to develop the products in such a way that they meet all customer expectations. Our containers and pallets are made from high-quality materials in the rotational moulding and injection moulding processes, which makes them extremely strong and durable. Smooth sidewalls and surfaces prevent the build-up of bacteria, almost completely, the customers can clean them in an easy and hygienic way. FACH-PAK is a brand of great recognition and reputation as a producer of high-quality products and a company that offers reliable service. Our main goal is to develop strong and durable transport and storage packaging that meets the needs of our customers. The combination of high-quality polyethylene and polyethylene foam guarantees durable, hygienic containers that do not absorb moisture, the sidewalls are resistant to damage, which ensures a long shelf life.
FACH-PAK offers storage and transport packaging made from technologically advanced materials. Our products are user-friendly, solid and durable and, at the same time, they are light and compatible with other sizes of transport packaging.
Depending on the purpose of the containers, they have different temperature resistance, load-bearing capacity and mechanical strength. As a manufacturer of plastic pallets, we also focus on solutions to facilitate all types of transport. FACH-PAK also offer pallet boxes, IBC containers, industrial containers or fuel oil tanks.
We recommend our buckets, pails, containers, fishing boxes, canisters, casters and many more items. Our products are distinguished by their high strength despite their reduced weight. The fact that the products are light allows efficient use of space during transport, and the materials used to manufacture the items make them easy to clean. Our plastic buckets and containers are made from Class 1A polyethylene, hence they are approved to store food.