New 460 PE insulated container

Another model has been added to the FACH-PAK family of insulated containers. the 460 triple wall hygienic container with insulation made of foamed polyethylene. The 460 model was designed specifically for transporting heavy fresh food products, to ensure maximum protection against external conditions, such as impacts and temperature. An additional characteristic of the FACH-PAK 460 model is a lower wall size compared to other models on offer, especially the 660 model, which has identically sized base. The height of the container is lower to ensure that the transported products, such as fish, are not excessively squashed in the lower layer, ruining them and making them unfit for further processing and consumption.

PE extrusion informs that external and internal walls are made of polyethylene. The core is of foamed polyetylen. It is an extremely strong, three-layered design, which is impact resistance and suitable for work in difficult conditions. Thanks to the monolithic and smooth design, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain hygiene. It is especially useful in food industry. Moreover, they are easy to repair and suitable for recycling.

460 PE insulated container from FACH-PAK is a multifunctional and easy to operate triple-walled plastic pallet box with hygienic design. They are intended specifically for meat, poultry and fish processing plants. 
460 PE insulated container is stackable with 660 type from FACH-PAK and other manufacturers. The containers are equipped with strong, reliable handles for hook-lifting, e. g. at the dock while unloading from ship to shore.