The first hygienic containers "Made in Poland"

Polish companies have proven many times that they can compete with foreign manufacturers without feeling inferior. This time, FACH-PAK used its several years of commercial experience in the industry and combined it with its manufacturing capabilities. This led to creation of the first Polish line of containers insulated with foamed polyethylene (PE) for food processing, especially for fish and meat factories. The containers are also successfully employed by food waste collectors, as they are a stronger version of the standard single-walled containers.
The idea for insulated containers originally came from the Scandinavian fishing industry and their unique construction, which consisted of sandwiching two outer walls with polyurethane foam insulation. This product was mainly used by fishermen to transport freshly caught fish on board their vessels to port, where the still fresh fish would then be sent to local processing plants. European customers, mainly fish and meat processors, started using insulated containers as a stronger version of box pallets. PUR foam insulation, however, has not always proved to be a perfect solution. In the event of cracks in the outer shell, water easily seeped into the containers, e.g. during cleaning. The containers quickly became deformed and gained weight by drinking the liquid and absorbing moisture.

"The decision to start producing our own brand of insulated containers was a hit. In a relatively short period of time we managed to master the complicated technology of producing containers insulated with foamed polyethylene, and today we are the third significant company in Europe and the only one in Poland which can produce this type of container. In the nearest future our offer will also include PUR (polyurethane) insulation" said Tomasz Budrewicz, President of FACH-PAK Sp. z o.o. "Moreover we strongly believe that the European and global market of plastic industrial packaging will consolidate. Only companies with strong products will survive. This makes us invest in solutions that are not easy and that can make a difference not only on the European but also on the global market. Several years ago, we set ourselves a clear direction of development and we have been consistently implementing our assumptions. But rest assured, we are just getting started!" adds Budrewicz.

In order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, FACH-PAK started producing this type of containers, using foamed polyethylene for their insulation. This insulation tightly fills every gap between the walls, ensuring less thermal insulation, but at the same time making the container practically a monolith. The containers are more durable, stronger, easy to repair and recyclable. Using the rotomoulding method for their production, the Słupsk-based manufacturer offers the possibility of making a special colour from 1 piece, optionally with marking in the form of screen printing, engraving or the "Mould in Graphics" method. The highest quality materials used in the production process, approved by PZH, Sanepid and FDA allow them for direct contact with food. The lack of edges and smooth walls promote hygiene. Their particular application is food processing, especially fish, meat, poultry and food waste CAT.3.

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic shows how important it is to use products that increase hygiene. FACH-PAK insulated containers thanks to their monolithic and smooth construction minimize the accumulation of microorganisms. They are easy to clean and thanks to internal insulation in the form of foamed polyethylene they do not absorb external moisture. The inner insulation in the form of foamed polyethylene also guarantees additional safety for the product inside. The walls are three-layered and therefore extremely resistant to mechanical impact. An airtight lid, which is also available, additionally protects the containers from dirt from outside.

"These advantages place our insulated containers at the very top of the market for this type of packaging. No standard box pallet can guarantee such a level of food safety and we, for our part, are glad that the customers are starting to notice it and decide to introduce hygienic insulated containers from FACH-PAK," Tomasz Budrewicz concluded.

Also the leader in the construction of washers for containers, pallets and box pallets relies on hygienic containers from FACH-PAK. "The containers are characterised by high ease of cleaning, low maintenance costs as well as making them extremely practical. Moreover, the insulated containers meet the highest quality standards in the washing process. Therefore, and with full conviction, we recommend FACH-PAK insulated containers" stated Mateusz Lisiak, Quality Specialist at CHEMAXPOL Sp. z o.o. Also tests carried out by the company from Ostaszewo prove that the amount of water used to wash them is many times lower than in the case of standard boxes.

FACH-PAK is an example of a company whose greatest driving force are the dreams and ambitions of its owners. It is thanks to their dreams that within a few years of the company's operation they managed to transform its profile from a trading company into a manufacturing one. It is not easy in this branch because only reasonable running of the company is able to ensure financial liquidity and the possibility of development through the purchase of own moulds, which reach tens and hundreds of thousands of Euro. The success of the company is created by people, therefore we focus on young and ambitious people, thanks to which we are ahead of the competition with the speed and flexibility of action. And this pays off. Already today, the Słupsk company's portfolio includes not only Polish, but also European and world-famous companies whose logos we see every day. These are the biggest producers of meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and many others. The strength of the company is also reflected in the fact that FACH-PAK is a family business, where decision-making processes are short and each project is approached individually. Since the establishment of the company, every year we have been constantly developing and increasing our turnover, consistently investing in the future and purchasing new moulds and equipment. We do not rest on our laurels and we also follow all new developments. In October 2019, the FACH-PAK team participated in a training course in Arizona, USA, where they learned how to mark containers with the most permanent method known as "plastic tattooing" - Mould in Graphics. Thanks to the use of this unique technology, today we can mark containers in a permanent way, guaranteeing that the print will never come off. It is no exaggeration to say that hygienic insulated containers produced in the Słupsk plant are exported all over the world. Thanks to strong distribution points e.g. in Germany, USA and Russia, the containers reach the farthest corners of the world. FACH-PAK is constantly opening up to new markets, every year participating in trade fairs and conferences all over the world.

Today, FACH-PAK is the company that Sławomir Budrewicz dreamed of when he founded it a dozen or so years ago. Now, however, the second generation, young and hungry for success, has taken over, so you can be sure that we have not yet said our last word!

Author: Marek Budrys