Proven containers for difficult times

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation shows the importance of using products which make it possible to maintain hygiene. Thanks to their monolithic and smooth design, FACH-PAK insulated containers minimise the accumulation of microorganisms and are easy to clean, while their internal insulation made of foamed polyethylene prevents them from absorbing external moisture. Internal insulation in the form of foamed polyethylene also guarantees additional safety for the products inside the containers.
Three-layered walls are extremely impact-resistant. The tight-fitting lid available in the offer prevents contaminants from entering the container from outside.

– All these adventages place our insulated containers on the very top of these types of containers. No other standard pallet box will guaranteee this level of food protection and we are glad that a large number of our customers notice this and chose hygienic insulated containers from FACH-PAK - said Tomasz Budrewicz from FACH-PAK.