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Plastic pallets FACH-PAK

Why should you choose plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets which are manufactured and supplied by FACH-PAK are of the highest quality and durability. FACH-PAK cooperates with reliable plastic suppliers, therefore all pallets are produced only from high-quality material. We supply pallets in all most popular variants, such as: light-weight pallets, warehouse pallets, distribution pallets, block pallets, hygienic pallets, heavy-duty pallets, completely closed pallets, pallets with the RFID system, ESD pallets, pallets in an industrial format, EURO pallets, half-pallets, pallets in non-standard sizes, pallets made from reinforced with steel profiles. We also offer special types of pallets, i.e. pallets for foil-wrapped bales, pallets for water bottles and printing pallets. FACH-PAK plastic pallets are available in all most popular EURO and ISO sizes, such as 600x400, 800x600x, 1200x800, 1200x1000, however, we also have the possibility to manufacture pallets in special sizes. Pallets are manufactured in all possible RAL code or Pantone code colours. On special request, we can place a logo or a serial number on a pallet.FACH-PAK plastic pallets may be used in temperatures from -30 °C to +40 °C, and for a short period of time - in temperatures of up to +90 °C. FACH-PAK pallets are a combination of functionality and an attractive price.

The greatest advantages of a plastic pallet

Lightweight, cheap and reliable - those are the features that every plastic pallet should have, from the logistics point of view. Due to the easy stacking, it is possible to reduce the volume of the lightweight pallets by up to 75%. Since they are made from recycled HDPE, they are also suitable for recycling. Block pallets and perforated pallets, distribution and warehouse pallets ensure an optimal cost-benefit ratio. Those pallets are usually made from recycled plastic which is why they are less expensive but they are still very durable. They are recommended to closed-circuits, product distribution, manufacturing plants and export. Due to their reinforcement with steel profiles, the pallets are also suitable for use on high storage racks. FACH-PAK hygienic pallets are great choice when it is necessary to maintain special hygiene and sanitary regime. They are chosen by food processing plants such as: slaughterhouses, fish and poultry processing companies, pharmaceutical industry and meat processing plants. Plastic hygienic pallets are easy to clean due to their smooth and closed surface. Hygienic pallets have a very high load-bearing capacity and are suitable for heavy loads and storage on racks. It's also quick and easy. Pallets are made only from HDPE material which is approved for direct contact with food.

Plastic pallets are an alternative to wooden pallets.
There are 3 types available:
- EURO pallets, size 1200x800 mm
- industrial ISO pallets, size 1200x1000 mm
- half pallet, size 800x600 mm

Plastic pallets are recommended for places where hygiene is important. They are mainly used by food, meat, fish and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the high-quality material from which the pallets are made, it is possible to use them for the transport of food products. Pallets come with appropriate certificates and they are suitable for direct contact with food. They are also characterised by resistance to high and low temperatures, to different weather conditions, bacteria, acids and various kinds of chemicals. Plastic pallets are easy to clean and the colours do not fade. Thanks to their design, they are resistant to damage hence their service life is much longer than that of wooden pallets. Due to their dimensions, the pallets can be transported with a pallet truck or a forklift.