Plastic pallets


19 litres Bottle Rack®

The BottleRack plastic pallet, which is a patented invention, makes it possible to extend the life cycle of a bottle several times, as well as to significantly reduce the cost of storing bottled water in warehouses and to reduce the cost of its logistics to the distribution centre or the end consumer. This product stands out from its western counterparts due to its fair price and the introduced structural improvements, making this plastic pallet a best-in-class product on the market.

The modular design of the pallet ensures that products up to 5 metres high can be stacked while optimising storage space. Transporting finished products on these pallets significantly extends the bottle's life cycle. The pallet is made of virgin polymers (polypropylene), which ensures long life and makes it durable, hygienic and lightweight. The four-sided pallet grippers are suitable for handling by forklift, stacker and pallet truck.

  • Substantial savings on storage space (up to 200-450%)
  • Increase bottle life 3.5-4 times
  • Increased speed of loading the vehicle with finished products
  • Shelf life of a bottle pallet - up to 5 years
  • Recycling of scrap by the producer

Operating conditions​​​​​​​
  • Operating temperature from -30 to + 60 °С
  • Washing temperature up to + 80 °С

  • With full bottles up to 12 pcs. height (96 bottles)
  • With empty bottles up to 20 pcs. height (160 bottles)
  • When the loader is moving with full bottles up to 6 pcs. height (48 bottles)
Item no.: FP-BP1210
Dimensions: 1200x1000x388 mm
Surface: profiled for 8 water bottles 19l
Static load: 2200 kg
Dynamic load: 1100 kg
Design: legs
Stacking in a pile: YES
Material: PP/HDPE
Standard colour: black

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.