Lightweight pallets


FP-KU 1208/1210

Replacement runners for lightweight perforated pallets of dimensions 1200×800 and 1200×1000 mm
  • economic
  • easy to collect and safe to operate
  • environment friendly – 100% recycling
  • recommended as a substitute for wooden pallets in exportation
Item no.: FP-KU 1208/1210
Dimensions: 1200x100x10 mm
Weight: 1,0 kg
Working temperature: -40°C / +70°C
Material: PE/PP-RE
Standard colour: black
Pallet unit: 500 pcs.

*It is recommended to test the runners before use (load capacity of pallet with runners given under uniform load at room temperature of 23°C).

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.