Roll pallets


Printing house, automotive industry, high storage racks - there are situations and activities where special solutions are needed. Fach-Pak tries to provide help in every situation, that is why it also offers several types of untypical pallets.

Plastic roll-pallets for foil or paper rolls. This innovative solution will protect your bobbins against uncontrolled rolling off the pallet. Thanks to the monolithic wedges, large spools of heavy rolls are always retained on the pallet, so you can safely store and transport them. Dedicated to printing houses, the automotive industry and manufacturers of industrial films. Selected models can be used on high bay racks.

Cradle plastic pallets are smart solutions for transforming wooden pallets to roll pallets. Reel wedges for plastic pallets are called also plastic chocks for rolls, metal racks for heavy duty rolls, plastic flanges for heavy duty rolls.