Fish boxes and crates

Why should you choose plastic fish boxes and containers?

FACH-PAK fish containers and boxes are designed for everyday use both on the fishing boat, in the port, and in the fish processing plant. The boxes and containers meet all the requirements of the international fishing and fish processing industry. Due to the use of carefully selected material and well-thought-out design, the fish containers have been an indispensable element of the fish supply chain for many years.

What are the advantages do plastic fish boxes?

The fish containers and boxes offered by FACH-PAK are available in different sizes and versions. They are made from virgin, high-density polyethylene, which guarantees their long-life service and impact resistance. The containers also have ergonomic and solid handles that can withstand the load capacity of a full container of fish.​​​​​​​ Due to their rotating design, the boxes are nestable, and when rotated by 180° they are safely stackable.​​​​​​​ The surface of the containers is smooth, so they are easy to keep clean, and the drainage holes in the bottom allow to empty the water accumulated inside the containers.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What are the extra options for fish containers and boxes?

On request, an RFID transponder can be installed for full traceability of the container. The containers can also be permanently marked with a logo or a number, and they can be manufactured in a colour selected by a customer. For more information, please contact our sales department.