PUR insulation - polyurethane foam


Hygienic insulated FACH-PAK containers are used when thermal insulation is necessary, e.g. in places with limited access to refrigeration equipment or when there are extremely high or very low temperatures.  Their polyurethane foam insulation allows the temperature of the stored product to be kept constant. Insulated tubs are highly durable and strong, far exceeding the parameters of ordinary injection moulded boxes. They are also easy to repair and can be recycled.
Insulated containers are rotomoulded double-walled tubs. PUR means polyurethane insulation injected into the walls of the containers. PUR containers ensure temperature control. They are used in many food industries that require temperature control of frozen, fresh products. It’s the best choice for fish and meat processing. Our containers are produced from food-grade raw materials and meet the highest food safety  standards.Using technique that ensures effective adhesion between the polyethylene walls and the polyurethane foam guarentee strong structure ang durability.  Fach-Pak PUR containers main advantages:
  • double-walled tubs are strong and very durable
  • steady product temperature thanks to good thermal properties
  • smooth walls are easy to wash and ensure hygiene
  • using PUR lids ensures even better maintenance of product temperature