The perforated design of FACH-PAK plastic pallet boxes guarantees air circulation, especially needed when storing food products. Using containers saves time and money in transport, handling and storage.
  • Improved air circulation thanks to openwork walls
  • Low dead weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Stackable

Why plastic pallet boxes?

FACH-PAK plastic pallet boxes are an excellent alternative to the wooden pallet boxes still in use. One of the most important features of plastic pallet boxes is their durability. Models made from the highest quality plastic and properly used can withstand even a dozen or so years, while wooden pallets require constant repairs and need to be protected from rain and moisture, so they do not soak up water. Another argument in favour of plastic crates is the ease of maintaining hygiene, thanks to the smooth plastic construction. Plastic also has the advantage of being resistant to chemicals and detergents, which means that it can be cleaned easily.

 Plastic pallet boxes variants

FACH-PAK plastic pallet boxes are available in various configurations depending on customer preference. Their basic base dimensions are Euro 120x80cm and ISO 120x100cm. They are available on feet, on runners or on wheels. The structure of the boxes may be slotted or full. Alternatively, they can be supplied with a lid for better protection of the contents or with plugs and drain holes. On request, they can be manufactured in special colours or with your company name and logo. The containers can also be numbered for easy identification.