New insulated container model 620

The FACH-PAK insulated container type 620 is a versatile container for fish, meat and recycling. It is a model specially created for the needs of the African market customers. It is a functional and easy-to-use insulated box. It has been designed to be user-friendly. It is resistant to non-standard forms of transport and, most importantly, made of a material resistant to particularly difficult weather conditions. In addition, it is compatible with containers of other manufacturers and can be stacked with them.
- We have been preparing for a long time to strengthen our presence in one of the regions of Africa, especially in terms of the fishery and fish processing sectors. Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed these plans down considerably. As we have observed, the type of transport and storage packaging on the black land is far from European standards and more and more companies are looking for solutions offered by FACH-PAK. Therefore, this model was prepared with particular emphasis on local conditions as to the material or resistance to human factors, said Tomasz Budrewicz from FACH-PAK.