Wide-area transport pallet FP transPALL.
Expandable, collapsible, reusable transport pallet.

This innovative, collapsible pallet can be adjusted to fit a range of given products and comes with added features like protective sidewalls, a steel-reinforced base, and an efficient load management system. This game-changing solution for shipping goods reduces waste and breakage - resulting in improved efficiency throughout every step of the supply chain.

Load Protection - full height side walls and protective cross braces safeguard load in transit.
Expandable Width - fully adjustable width accommodates various module sizes.
4-High Stacking - zero weight is placed on cargo when stacking.
Reusable - collapse and return for reuse after every job.
Circularity - made from post-industrial HDPE, reusable, and recyclable into new transPALL pallets.​​​​​​​
Cutting-Edge Technology - improves efficiencies and reduces costs throughout the entire solar supply chain.

type: FP transPALL | 2286x1219x1273 mm |
article number: FP-TP1
external dimensions: length:
collapsed height:
2286 mm
1219 mm
1273 mm
266 mm
interior spacing options: at 51 mm incremest ranging from 1613 mm to 2121 mm.
(side walls can be adjusted horizontally).
side wall interior width: 1141 mm
side wall interior height: 1071 mm
maximum load capacity: 907 kg
total pallet weight: 142,5 kg
- base pallet weight: 94,4 kg
- wall + braces weight: 24 kg 
indoor stacking:
(level surface) 
maximum 4 stacked pallets.
1st pallet (base pallet) - max. weight -  907 kg. 
max. weight stacked above 1st pallet (base pallet): - 2177 kg.
outdoor stacking:
(level surface) 
maximum 2 stacked pallets, each max weight of 907 kg.
in transit: maximum 2 stacked pallets, each max weight of 907 kg.
examples of shipping:
- 40’HC container – up to 81 pcs.
- 13,6 m long container – up to 99 pcs.
forklift's operations forklift entry: 4 way
- min. fork length / short side – 1829 mm
- min. fork length / long side – 1067 mm
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Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.