Plastic containers and boxes

Plastic containers and boxes FACH-PAK

FACH-PAK offers a wide range of plastic containers, boxes and trays for various purposes. Plastic containers are used in many industries and they are suitable for storing products, warehousing and transport. They can also come in handy in many manufacturing processes. We supply i.a.: bakeries, confectioneries, meat, poultry and fish processing plants, milk plants and the automotive industry. Plastic boxes are also used in assembly line production, so they are popular in industrial, technical and chemical industries. We offer many functional solutions to save storage space. We offer boxes with comfortable handles that are user-friendly. There are containers with perforated or plain sidewalls as well as containers with wheels and stackable boxes. Thanks to the wide range of offered containers, we are able to provide comprehensive customer service.

Why should you choose plastic containers and boxes?

It is hard to imagine modern logistics, storage and transport of products in non-plastic packaging. Plastic containers and crates prevent contamination, they are a perfect solution to handle sensitive products with hygienic requirements, such as pharmaceuticals, fashion and electronic products. FACH-PAK plastic containers are available in many sizes and designs, which is why they can be used by small family businesses and in large factories. They are an ideal solution for the garage and basement but also for the backyard garden. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and their well-thought-out shapes, the containers are characterised by aesthetic appearance, durability and reliability.

Which model of a container to choose?

By far, the most popular model of plastic containers offered by FACH-PAK is the EURO container, designed for both the food and non-food sectors. The containers are light but very voluminous and durable. They are also very stable, which is why they ate suitable for versatile use. Storage containers have pain or perforated sidewalls, we can offer containers with hand holes or attached handles, upon request. For meat processing plants we recommend E2 meat containers, which are the classic among containers and they are probably the most recognisable model from the FACH-PAK family of boxes and containers. On special request, E2 meat containers can be manufactured with the addition of a detection material to comply with the highest food safety standards. Most of the containers and boxes offered by FACH-PAK are made from the latest type 1-A HDPE material, approved for direct contact with food. Those include i.a., containers with U-shaped side handles, large containers, pallet boxes, garbage containers and buckets for food. Twist Box containers are popular in the logistics industry as they are great to save storage space and are suitable for transport. For customers who need to save a lot of storage space during transport, we recommend foldable containers, with the use of which it is possible to reduce the storage space by up to 80%. FACH-PAK has also an offer for specialists in the electronics industry. We recommend anti-static containers with the addition of ESD material. For the automotive industry, we recommend KLT containers. All containers can be manufactured in individually selected colour and design, we can also place the customer's logo or number on the product.