Plastic containers and boxes

A wide variety of plastic containers and boxes. They are suitable for storing food products and other non-prepacked goods. They are suitable for stacking on racks and for transport.

Plastic pallet containers

The offered pallet boxes Big-Box are made from polyethylene class 1A, approved for contact with food. They are perfect for the transport and storage of food products.

Plastic pallets

Modern plastic pallets are a good alternative to wooden pallets. They are lighter and can be recycled, so they are environmentally friendly. Resistant to acids, lye, solvents. Easy to clean.

Insulated containers

Hygienic insulated containers are used when thermal insulation is necessary, e.g. in places with limited access to refrigeration equipment or when there are extremely high or very low temperatures.

Fish boxes and crates

Indispensable in the food industry and fishing, the fish containers are perfect for transport and trade. The offer includes containers for selling live fish and boxes for the transport of fish fillets, frozen fish, etc.

Spill pallets

Strong and stable spill trays and spill containment flooring to place barrels. They protect against uncontrolled spillage of contents of containers directly onto the ground.

Thermal insulated containers

Highly functional insulated trolleys and covers perfect for catering companies and gastronomy. Great to store and transport food at low or high temperatures.

IBC containers

Strong IBCs for safe road, rail or sea logistics, for the transport of any liquid substances, including acids, varnishes or foodstuffs. The offer includes plastic pallets.

Round plastic buckets

Plastic buckets with lids ensure that the storage, transport, and sale of various food and chemical products are more economical. Our containers ensure high sanitary safety.

Round containers

The right choice for storing liquids and bulk goods. Round containers, drums and buckets have a conical shape that allows them to be inserted into each other to save space. Smooth internal walls allow for easy and quick cleaning.


| new ! | Wide-area transport pallet FP transPALL. The side walls can be adapted to different sizes of transported goods, protecting them during transport and storage. Up to 4 pallets can be stacked saving storage space.

ESD pallets and containers

The ESD containers are made from conductive plastic for storing and transporting specific electronic components. They prevent electrostatic charges and absorb those that have already occurred.

Plastic slatted floor grills

Plastic slatted floor grills designed for lining floors in production halls, warehouses, bathrooms, or shops. They can also be used in cargo boxes on trucks.

Freezer spacers

Cooling pads are especially dedicated to the food industry, in which our special design contributes to lower energy costs and higher freezing efficiency.

Transportation aids

Transport platforms are useful where the product needs to be transported in Euro containers on a daily basis. Solid design and the use of carefully selected material guarantee good quality and high load capacity.

Roll Containers

Roll containers are a flexible solution to optimise the transport of goods in a quick and efficient way. | standard | anti-theft | foldable | specialist | custom-made |

Stainless steel tippers and lifters

Tippers are made of the highest quality stainless steel and high quality components. They are strong and stable and their design provides smooth operation and facilitates production.