Insulated containers

Hygienic and strong pallet boxes

Catalogue Leaflet
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The insulated containers from FACH-PAK are the best option for the most demanding customers. The sturdy, damage-resistant, hygienic and rib-less design guarantees the safety of the product placed in the container. The pallet-boxes also have insulating properties.
  • made only from new material
  • approved for direct contact with food (PZH certificate)
  • hygienic design - smooth sidewalls for easy cleaning
  • impact resistance due to thick sidewalls
  • foamed polyethylene thermal insulation to protect the product
  • possibility of labelling
FACH-PAK manufactures the highest quality, specialist, insulated containers, intended particularly for food processing. We offer a wide range of hygienic containers in the most popular dimensions and colours. Our insulated containers are double-walled with foamed polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) inner insulation. Pallet containers are suitable mainly for poultry processing companies, fish processing plants and slaughterhouses or meat processing plants. They also work well for food waste collection as they are a stronger version of the standard single-walled containers. They have a high insulation factor to keep the products cool and safe during storage and transport. Due to the monolithic and smooth design of FACH-PAK containers, the accumulation of microorganisms is kept to a minimum. Due to their foamed polyethylene inner insulation, they are easy to clean and do not absorb external moisture. Internal insulation in the form of foamed polyethylene also guarantees additional safety for the products inside the containers. The sidewalls are three-layered and therefore they are extremely resistant to mechanical impact. The tight-fitting lid also prevents contaminants from entering the container from outside. Due to the above-mentioned features, our palltet-boxes are at the very top position in the market of similar packaging items. Long service life and exceptional resistance to damage are guaranteed due to the method in which the containers are manufactured - rotational molding. Probably, there is no other standard container that guarantees such a high level of food safety.

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