Type 660 containers manufactured in three versions

Model 660, the most popular model of our hygienic insulated containers, has to meet specific requirements with respect to shape, capacity or compatibility, depending on the customer's needs. To meet these expectations, we have developed three different versions of the 660 container. Although they may look similar at first glance, they are actually quite different, and each targets different sectors.
– We set ourselves a goal to make 660 type containers compatible with any possible containers available on the market. Moreover, depending on the purpose of a container, we can adjust its material so the plastic parameters will be optimal, which reflects in conainer durability and price - says Tomasz Budrewicz.

FACH-PAK 660 insulated container is the most popular model among insulated containers on the market. Its base non-standard size guarantees optimal capacity for logistics. It is the only model used consistently across all continents, independently on the type of  weights and measures. It is used especially in fish and seafood, meat and poultry processing, as well as for food waste collection.