PUR insulation - polyurethane foam


Insulated container 805x530x425 mm 100L

Type 100 PUR
Ice containers such as FACH-PAK Type 100 PUR are mainly used by smaller fishing vessels to store fresh or layered fish. They are used in the meat industry for pickling and storing chilled raw materials. They also work well when storage space is limited. The containers are equipped with an insulated lid.
Item no.: FP-100 PUR
External dimensions: 805 x 530 x 425 mm
Internal dimensions:
740 x 465 x 335 mm
722 x 453 x 327 mm
Bottom and sidewalls: solid | smooth | hygienic
Colour: beige
Capacity in litres: 100 L
Material: virgin PE-1A
Insulation: polyurethane foam

Attention !
Freezing – using containers in freezers:

The use of insulated containers to freeze their contents is not recommended due to the possibility of structural damage.
Throwing frozen goods into insulated containers is prohibited, any damage caused by sharp edges and / or the weight o frozen items will not be covered by the warranty.

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.