[Archiwum] PUR containers for ice



The 100L insulated container with a lid is made of polyethene, it has PUR insulation. Its main advantages are hygiene and ease of cleaning. It has 2 drainage holes with stoppers. Due to the strong, damage-resistant design, the product inside the container remains fresh for a long time. The walls of the container have been coated with a UV filter so that the colour retains its durability even when exposed to direct sunlight. The lid is lockable and secured with metal clip fasteners. The containers are stackable.

Item no.: FP-100LTR
External dimensions: 750x530x520 mm
Internal dimensions: 650x430x390 mm
Colour: blue, grey, red,
 other colour on request
Capacity in litres: 100
Weight: approx. 12,9 kg
Material: LLDPE (medium density polythene)
Insulating material: polyurethane (density ≥ 38 kg / m3)
Temperature range: -40°C / +70°C
UV stabilisation: YES

Working in freezers! Insulated containers - working in freezers: The use of insulated containers for freezing their contents is not recommended due to the possibility of structural damage. Putting frozen goods in insulated containers is not allowed, any damage caused by sharp edges and/or the weight of frozen items will not be covered by the warranty.

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.