Pallet containers of monolithic design

pallet boxes, monolithic design, 1200x800x740mm or 1200x1000x740mm, material HDPE, Volume 470L - 610L, Dolav type


One of the most durable models of plastic pallet boxes from FACH-PAK. Thanks to their monolithic design made entirely of one cast, dolav plastic pallet boxes are considered to be one of the most durable among all single wall container. They also have handles in the corners to facilitate stacking. Thanks to the use of foamed, impact-resistant plastic, the containers are very durable, yet lightweight. The monolithic design guarantees the safety of use and reduces the risk of runners being torn out or broken. Smooth internal and external walls ensure trouble-free cleaning. Standardised dimensions (Euro 1,200 x 800 mm or ISO 1,200 x 1,000 mm) ensure smooth operation in storage and transport.

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FACH-PAK monolithic pallet boxes

What is the difference between monolithic pallet boxes and standard pallet boxes?

Monolithic plastic pallet boxes are made entirely of one cast, without any additional elements added in the post-production stage, such as legs or runners. The advantage of this construction is that during daily use with pallet trolleys or tippers, the pallet boxes are more resistant to impact. Pulling out the runners is much more difficult as they are an integral part of the container. Another advantage of FACH-PAK monolithic pallet boxes is that they are made of special foamed plastic, which is much more resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Also, the sidewalls themselves are thicker, which significantly improves durability. Dolav type pallet boxes are large-size carriers, which, as far as durability is concerned, are between standard plastic pallet boxes and insulated containers.

Main advantages of monolithic pallet boxes

This model of plastic pallet boxes is considered by end users to be one of the strongest types of pallet boxes on the market due to its exceptionally strong construction. Unlike standard large boxes, their contents are better protected against external influences. FACH-PAK containers are safely stackable, thanks to special extensions in the corners. They are also designed for transporting large and heavy products. The dolav type pallet boxes can be manufactured in an individual colour and marked with a logo or numbering. It is possible to use barcodes or RFiD codes. For the most demanding customers, it is possible to produce with the use of detection, ESD or antibacterial material. They are available in plain and perforated versions, as well as with a lid. The cover for FACH-PAK monolithic boxes provides additional protection for goods during storage and transport. The pallet boxes are stackable with or without a lid.

What can be their use?

FACH-PAK monolithic pallet boxes can be used wherever a hygienic, solid, strong and impact resistant container is needed. Dolav type pallet boxes work mainly in food processing plants, especially in meat, fish and poultry plants, but they are also popular with companies working with and transporting food waste, so-called products not fit for human or animal consumption CAT.3 / CAT.3 (CAT.III/CAT.III). Plastic pallet boxes, thanks to their UN certification, also work in non-food establishments and serve as reliable containers for the transport and storage of used batteries and accumulators. We do not recommend the use for transporting liquids and liquids. For such substances, we recommend using pallet boxes and IBC containers, also available in the FACH-PAK offer.