Fach-Pak plastic pallet boxes are containers made of solid plastic. They are highly resistant to impact. Their smooth internal and external walls allow for easy and thorough cleaning. Pallet boxes are available in 2 sizes - Euro 1200x800 mm or ISO 1200x1000 mm. The standardised dimensions ensure smooth operation in storage and transport. There are 3 types of pallet boxes - on runners, on feet and on wheels.

Pallet boxes usage

Plastic pallet boxes are containers with large dimensions and large capacities. Their characteristics are high resistance and strength, which is why they are used in many branches of industry - for example, in food, chemical, horticultural and construction industries. Such large-size pallet-boxes successfully replace wooden boxes. Their smooth construction ensures that they are easy to keep clean.

Pallet boxes - containers for transport and storage

Plastic pallet boxes are a great solution for transporting various types of products, both light and heavy, with solid or liquid consistency. They are used in warehouses storing fruit, vegetables and food. They are also used in the automotive industry. Thanks to being stackable, they save space in storage areas.

Types and variants of pallet boxes

Pallet boxes are made of HDPE polyethylene. There are two base dimensions: 1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 m and two options- plain and perforated. As far as the method of mounting is concerned, there are versions with 4 feet, 2 or 3 runners, as well as wheels. Pallet boxes can be transported by means of pallet trucks and forklift trucks. Pallet boxes equipped with skids can also be unloaded (360° rotation).