IBC containers



Plastic containers with a capacity of 1040 to 1249 liters, for liquid products such as drinking water, fruit juices or tomato purees. Containers when folded allow you to save space in transport. The design of the container is very solid, and the operation when assembling it is easy and intuitive. The base of the container is covered with rubber, which protects it from slipping off the forks of the trolley. The lids are equipped with self-locking latches, thanks to which they are permanently embedded on the containers.
Art. No.: FP-IBC1040IF
External dimensions with lid: 1200x1000x1130 mm
External dimensions without lid: 1219x1118x1190 mm
Internal dimensions: 1130x930x985 mm
Height when folded (with lid): 332 mm
Material:  PP
Weight: 93 kg
Load capacity: 1400 kg
Static load: 7500 kg (5 stacks)
Dynamic load:  3000 kg (2 stacks)
Temperature: -20°C / +40°C

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.