Thermo-insulated containers


Thermo-insulated containers are intended for hygienic, economical and safe transport of fresh and frozen products. The use of FACH-PAK thermo-insulated containers guarantees the continuity of the cooling process which has an impact on maintaining the freshness of the transported goods.
  • Safe and stable transport of fresh and frozen products
  • Possibility of storing various goods in one container
  • Reduction of dry ice consumption by using eutectic plates
  • Easy to clean and keep clean
  • Easy to repair
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Product stays cool and safe - for more than 24 hours

FACH-PAK isothermal containers are a solution for safe and efficient transportation of fresh and frozen goods without breaking the cold chain. By maintaining a low temperature in the container, you can transport a range of chilled or frozen goods together with other products that do not need thermal protection in a single-vehicle. The use of insulated containers increases flexibility in planning routes between logistics centres and shops and reduces the cost of expensive refrigerated transport. Reduce costs and increase flexibility!
  • image005.pngEfficiency
    With insulated containers, you have the right logistical tool to transport temperature-controlled goods efficently. The trolleys can operate at full capacty.
  • image006.pngFlexibilityWith insulated containers, you can take a whole range of goods on a single trip. This makes it a completely hygienic and safe way to transport chilled, frozen food and nonperishable goods in one vehicle.
  • image007.pngCost reduction
     With insulated containers, you can effectively reduce your fleet costs. You no longer need expensive refrigerated trucks.
  • image008.pngSafetyDzięki With insulated containers, you can save energy fro the werehouse until you reach your customer.The cold chain remains stable at all times and is very easy to control.

Why FACH-PAK thermal insulation containers?

FACH-PAK is a leader in logistics solutions, especially in the supply chain of fresh and frozen products, logistics of non-food products and effective product presentation. As an expert and supplier of systems for the transport of frozen and chilled food, we have a significant share of the Polish market. We cooperate with many large grocery chains and discount stores. Our products are manufactured by highly skilled workers in a modern production park of approximately 16,000 m². Thanks to our state-of-the-art production lines and constantly adapted machine management, we adhere to delivery schedules and delivery capacities in more than 99 percent of the cases. All operational processes of the company are subject to strict quality management. Our thorough knowledge of the requirements of the food industry and the constant development of our products and systems ensure the highest quality. Thousands of FACH-PAK insulated containers are used by conscientious food supply companies in their supply chains. FACH-PAK thermal insulated containers are designed for the transport of temperature-sensitive food products between the food manufacturer and the logistics centre of a retail chain, as well as between stores. We are trusted by the largest retail chains in Poland and other European Union countries.

How do insulated containers work?

Thermally insulated containers are foamed polyethylene containers that operate similarly to a refrigerator, they ensure the required temperature for fresh or frozen products without the use of electricity or any other power source. They are similar to picnic coolers which, thanks to small inserts that are frozen in a freezer, keep the stored food at a low temperature. FACH-PAK thermal insulation containers operate in a similar way, there are also inserts used, which are called eutectic plates. The frozen inserts are placed in the containers to ensure a specific temperature.  Another way to maintain the desired temperature is to use CO2. For more information, please contact our sales department.