Closed deck pallets


Plain half-pallet 800x600 mm

Plastic pallets are designed for transporting heavy products and are used in many industries. They are used in, among others, food, meat, fish, pharmaceutical and horticulture industries. Pallets are made of certified material intended for contact with food products. They are resistant to low and high temperatures, weather conditions, bacteria and acids. Their advantage is that they are easy to clean, resistant to damage and have a very long life span, compared to wooden pallets. They are suitable for transport by forklift and pallet jack. 3 dimensions available: Euro- 1200x800mm, ISO- 1200x1000mm and half pallets- 800x600mm. 
Item no.: FP-BK8060
Dimensions: 800x600x150 mm
Upper surface: solid
Static load capacity: 2500 kg
Dynamic load capacity: 1500 kg
Design: 3 runners
Anti-slip surface: NO
Weight: 10,50 kg
Material: HDPE
Standard colour: black
Pallet unit: 28 pcs.

* It is recommended to test the pallet before use (load capacity given under uniform load at room temperature 23°C).

Real dimensions may vary +/- 3% from the dimensions given in the product specification.