FACH-PAK's participation in the Meeting of Fruit-Growers in Sandomierz was received with great interest by guests. At our stand, we presented plain and perforated plastic box pallets, Europal plastic pallet and containers dedicated to fruit farming. Especially plastic box pallets, called "kisten boxes" by Guests, aroused the greatest interest among the visitors. Everyone was unanimous in their opinion that the time of wooden box pallets has passed, while today and in the future, only plastic box pallets will be used. They are more durable, solid and fully hygienic.
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FACH-PAK cooperates with the youngest sports club in Słupsk - KS VICTORIA SŁUPSK (Słupsk B class).  more
Thanks to the growing sales of our products to foreign customers and the immense popularity of products "Made in Germany" in Poland, FACH-PAK has established its own sales office in Germany.  The person responsible for the German facility will be Mr Tomasz Budrewicz.
"Until now, German companies operating in our industry have been successfully exporting their goods to countries beyond Germany's eastern border. FACH-PAK has made a breakthrough in this regard and now offers German customers high-quality Polish packaging, effectively confirming its unlimited possibilities for development and competition in the international market. Products "Made in Poland" have already achieved success in western markets and proven their excellent quality", said Tomasz Budrewicz. more
For a long time now, FACH-PAK has been receiving regular purchase orders from customers from Lithuania and the Baltic countries. This satisfactory phenomenon proves the fact that trade on this line is flourishing, and the present era of United Europe provides opportunities for unlimited development and international cooperation. For the company from Słupsk, it is an ideal opportunity to expand the circle of customers and the first approach to reach the Russian market. Apart from the sales office, FACH-PAK has also opened a warehouse, thanks to which all products are available "on the spot". Aleksandr Knude, a native resident of Vilnius, is the sales manager for the Baltic countries market. Aleksandr Knude's knowledge of the specificity of the Lithuanian market and excellent orientation in the customs of both nations will certainly contribute to smooth cooperation and thus to another success of FACH-PAK. more